Borislav Traykov
DevOps Team Leader, Cognyte
Borislav Traykov
DevOps Team Leader, Cognyte
The speaker
Borislav is mainly involved in DevOps but has also worked as a QA Engineer, Developer, Support Engineer, and Sales Representative. He manages a team of three, with whom he provides DevOps services to nearly twenty teams of developers, as well as to many other people in the company. He trains employees for all the positions he has held for 16 years. He is motivated by always putting the stamp on the envelope and by helping others just as he has been helped in the past.
The talk
Communication since I started working from home - marvels and lessons learned
I work in a fast-paced international company and our communication has undergone quite a few changes since the pandemic hit. I want to share a few marvelous stories and the lessons my team, my colleagues, and I learned. The topics I want to talk about are:
  • Concise, accurate, and clear communication
  • Tools and systems
  • Additions / benefits to communication
  • Logs
  • Notifications and tracking