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About the conference

For the fifth edition of the Astea Conference we will go beyond technology and look at the whole spectrum of software development. There are no precise boundaries: it all starts with Analysis, then comes Design and Implementation, and finally there is Testing and Maintenance. No wonder that behind every great software product is a great multifaceted team responsible for project development, management, and communication.

Join us on our journey beyond technology from 6 through 9 October where leading IT experts will share their experience and best practices.

2020 - Online Edition

The Astea Conference is back in October and in online mode. 💻

(For the first time) this event will be held over 4 sessions of 120 minutes each (11am - 1pm EDT) from 6 through 9 October.

This new and more flexible format allows us to make the experience more accessible, comfortable, and enjoyable for all participants. The lecturers will have full control over the quality of their presentations, and the audience will have the opportunity to participate in virtual games and networking.

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Who is it for?

QA Engineers
Business Analysts
UX/UI Designers
Team Leads
Project Managers


Frequently Asked Questions

Why online?
After the first four physical editions of the conference, we decided to try out an online format given its potential; specifically, to organize an event that is accessible, comfortable, and enjoyable for all participants. We want this event to be far more than just a video series to watch while cooking.
Did COVID-19 make you rethink the conference format?
The social distancing measures imposed by COVID-19 gave us a reason to consider the online format, but we also took into account many other factors. Indeed, COVID-19 has changed the way public events are held. However, even if the world goes back to the “old normal”, we would still try this new (for us at least) format.
How will you make up for the lack of personal contact in online events?
In our previous editions of the Astea Conference, we demonstrated that we have plenty of ideas on how to turn a conference into a fun experience - such as the CSS Challenge, the Conference Bingo game, the piece-together-strings-of-code game… We are preparing such interactive elements for the online edition, but for now we would like to keep them a surprise.
How will you guarantee the audio and video quality?
We will broadcast the lectures from a preset location using reliable audio and video equipment. This will minimize the risk of Internet connection interruptions, poor microphone sound, and cats passing in front of the monitor. We can't make any promises for the last one though.